Vault Security Systems: Securing Supply Chains to Combat the Counterfeit Market

Top 10 Blockchain Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

The recent year has been an excellent platform for raising popularity around the distributed ledger technology, otherwise known as the blockchain. The global pandemic has given a prodigious boost to trends that were already in place. At present, enterprises are investing more in upright R&D projects for accomplishing blockchain initiatives with better efficiency and realism. With a global event like the recent pandemic, it is rational to wonder about blockchain’s future in 2021. Blockchain has been a crucial player in navigating the digital transformation required for accommodating the unanticipated surge in remote work settings. Since blockchain technology has been rightly recommended as the technology of the future, it is imperative to emphasise on blockchain future predictions.

With several industries going through tremendous makeovers in response to the changes in the business environment, numerous blockchain enthusiasts and onlookers are apprehensive about the prospects for blockchain. One of the leading trends that could control the future of blockchain is its integration in government agencies. In parallel, blockchain can penetrate people’s day-to-day lives, thereby characterising business knowledge in blockchain as an important soft force in international diplomacy. Besides, the usage of blockchain in voting systems will also continue to be one of the prominent trends in the future of blockchain.

Further, blockchain technology will ameliorate the Internet of Things (IoT) where apps must run anywhere by building trust, reducing risk, decreasing costs, and speeding up transactions. It is also expected that 20 percent of all IoT deployments will have at least basic levels of blockchain services enabled. Similarly, as Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs data to function, and the faster the AI can access bigger volumes of data, the better. With the help of blockchain, data can be authenticated more securely and faster, making it feasible for AI to access Big Data, thereby considerably improving the performance of the AI.

This year will also testament a massive growth in blockchain’s introduction in the retail sector for supply chain and inventory management capabilities. The next important prediction for the future of blockchain for the next year points out to the fact that around 30 per cent of blockchain projects worldwide will reach production stages. The attainable and pragmatic approaches to blockchain projects will be a principal driving factor for achieving this feat.

Enterprise Security Magazine’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted a number of the foremost prominent organisations within the blockchain solution providers industry. We hope this issue of the Enterprise Security Magazine helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a technologically-driven learning environment.

We present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers in Europe - 2021.”

    Top Blockchain Solution Companies in Europe

  • Vault Security Systems is rising as a top-choice partner to protect organizations from counterfeit products or theft. ivault, the pioneering application built by Vault Security Systems, not only helps companies protect their products by shielding the entire supply chain against fraud and counterfeiting but also enables consumers to protect their most valuable assets against theft and loss – across an immediate environment, or on a global scale alike. The company also takes pride in using a completely green, sustainable and scalable blockchain that can be scaled up to almost 200,000 transactions per second, while maintaining a much higher security standard for their data or product information.

  • AceBlock


    AceBlock is a fully operational and highly customizable blockchain framework, designed to meet the specifics needs of various businesses from the start. Whether one would like to build a private business network, securely manage their devices, create a new type of environment for data storage, innovate with a new product or service to stay ahead of the game – AceBlock has everything covered. AceID is a portable identity on blockchain technology with which any holder can present verifiable credentials everywhere online. Additionally, AceIoT secures devices with blockchain identity. It drives a seamless integration of connected devices into businesses, while making sure that sensitive business data is usable, safe and accessible to the members in AceBlock permissioned network

  • BAGG


    The baggage management platform based on blockchain technology aims to eliminate the loss, theft or damage of baggage or its content. The data for the various stages of baggage management will be transparent and accessible in real time by every actors of the baggage management chain : airlines, airports, ground-handlers. The baggage management is burdened by paper-based processes. Information is held in various formats across dozens of service providers along the "end-to-end" supply chain, requiring complex, cumbersome, and costly peer-to-peer messaging. BAGG technology is the sole application currently offered within the marketplace to provide a solution for less complexity in the process between all stakeholders - including more transparency, security and less paperwork and errors during exchanges of information

  • Crypviser


    Crypviser believes that everyone has the right to privacy. Crypviser is dedicated to providing Private and Secure Communications to everyone, allowing them to communicate securely, take back control of their personal data, and reclaim their privacy. Crypviser is an innovative Cyber Security company based in Germany. As the developers of Blockchain Authentication and Automated Encryption (patent pending), Crypviser is leading the way in state of the art communications security, incorporating Blockchain Technology with the highest levels of modern encryption. Crypviser develops the revolutionary technology that powers the world’s first Decentralized, Blockchain Authenticated, Anonymous, Instant Messenger. Crypviser Secure Messenger is the secure private messaging solution of Crypviser GmbH

  • Dusk Network

    Dusk Network

    Dusk Network is the Privacy Blockchain for Financial Applications. A new standard for compliance, control and collaboration. The company aims to enable any size enterprise to collaborate at scale, meet compliance requirements and ensure that personal and transaction data remains confidential. Companies use the Dusk Network blockchain to issue tokens, trade and collaborate via smart contracts. Founded by Jelle Pol, Emanuele Francioni, Mels Dees, Pascal Putman and Fulvio Venturelli, the company raised more than EUR €7M in 2018. Dusk Network is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • iov42


    iov42 has developed the first identity-centric, asset-hosting DLT operating platform that enables individuals, governments, and businesses to create simple solutions for real world problems. The iov42 platform uses simple building blocks to create easy-to-use applications on a trusted DLT-powered architecture. Additionally, the platform is built around three core elements—digital identities, digital assets, and digital certificates—ensuring that the company can always trust who’s on the platform, what they are doing, and how they are doing it. And by leveraging the fundamental principles of the internet and cloud computing, the iov42 platform is able to scale the power of DLT across a multitude of use cases around the globe

  • KnowMeNow


    Many people are unable to receive benefits from the government digitally, including social security, basic health care and even education. Lack of identification is particularly a hindrance to legal migration to other countries, and to receive remittances internationally through formal channels. KnowMeNow is committed to addressing these problems, harnessing the power of the blockchain to deliver more efficient, more secure and more reliable ways of verifying and sharing data. The company's solution has the ability to greatly reduce current delays, costs and duplication of effort, that may be caused by clients having to repeatedly produce information for verification purposes, every time a user attempts to secure services with new providers across many different sectors

  • Ledger Leopard

    Ledger Leopard

    Ledger Leopard is a rapidly growing international blockchain-technology company of global experts who are equipped with both professional experience and entrepreneurial mindset, brought together by a single passion for disrupting industries with blockchain technology. Ledger Leopard believes every organization must be able to leverage all the benefits of blockchain technology with little-to-no experience at all. Therefore the company provides an API-based blockchain platform to enable developers and organizations to build their own decentralized applications (dApps) right away. Ledger Leopard also helps organizations explore blockchain technology and deliver custom enterprise-grade decentralized applications (dApps)



    The Healthcare Sector is hungry for new digital solutions - digital health-records, tele-medicine, digital vaccination status. There are endless opportunities to organize health in a better and more personalized way by introducing digital technologies. But data-integrity is crucial, more than in any other sector. UBIRCH has invented a solution, that brings the highest standards for data-integrity and authenticity to healthcare applications. Behind UBIRCH's revolutionary technology are cyber security experts, digital minds and innovative movers and shakers with proven track records. Further, UBIRCH implemented a complete cryptographic public/private key pipeline that starts with the smallest sensor and ends in the blockchain

  • VersaVault


    The world’s first digital bank vault for cryptocurrency exchanges and funds holding cryptocurrency or blockchain-based assets. VersaVault safeguards cryptocurrency for its clients' customers, by securing keys in a vault individualized to their company’s needs. Combining tamper-evident FIPS 140-2 certified hardware, for securing and fully managing customers’ credentials, assets access and transactions, with security-first software, VersaVault clients conveniently generate transactions while maintaining high levels of security and privacy, where only the client has usable access to their secured keys, not VersaVault nor anyone else